Camera Operator


DALLAS - B Camera Operator/Season 1                                                             TNT

THE GOOD GUYS - A Camera Operator/3 episodes                                             FOX

                            B Camera Operator/15 episodes

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS - A Camera Operator/2 episodes - 1st Unit

                                    B/C Camera Operator/various ep. - 1st and 2nd Unit      NBC

SHRINK - A Camera Operator                                  Kevin Spacey-Producer/Lionsgate

TWILIGHT:BREAKING DAWN - C Camera Operator                            Summit Pictures

BATTLE: LOS ANGELES - C Camera Operator                                         Sony Pictures

CONTRABAND - B Camera Operator/2nd Unit                                  Universal Pictures

TEMPLE GRANDIN - B Camera Operator                                                             HBO

GCB pilot - B Camera Operator                                                                          ABC

PLAYING THE FIELD - C Camera Operator                                         Millennium Films

THE HAUNTING IN GEORGIA - B Camera Operator                                     Lions Gate

THE KILLING ROOM - Additional Camera Operator                        Eleven Eleven Films

YEAR ONE - Camera Operator/2nd Unit                                           Columbia Pictures

WELCOME HOME, ROSCOE JENKINS - Camera Operator/1st and 2nd Unit      Universal

NEVER BACK DOWN - B Camera Operator                                         Summit Pictures

SERVING SARA - A Camera Operator                                           Paramount Pictures

KEYS TO TULSA - A Camera Operator                             Polygram/Gramercy Pictures

AMERICAN OUTLAWS - A Camera Operator/2nd Unit                 Warner Bros. Pictures

THE ALAMO - Additional Camera Operator (anamorphic)                                  Disney

PRISON BREAK - Camera Operator                                                                    FOX

THE ROOKIE - B Camera Operator (anamorphic)                                             Disney

THE PARDON - B Camera Operator                                        RiverDream Productions

THE REAPING - Additional Camera Operator                              Warner Bros. Pictures

A HOUSE DIVIDED - B Camera Operator                                                  Touchstone

FANBOYS - B Camera Operator                                                                  Weinstein

SAVING JESSICA LYNCH - B Camera Operator                                                    NBC

UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN - B Camera Operator                       Sony Pictures

THE NEWTON BOYS - Additional Camera Operator (anamorphic)       20th Century Fox

WALKER-TEXAS RANGER - B Camera Operator                                                    CBS

HEAVEN HELP US - B Camera Operator                                                Aaron Spelling

GLORY ROAD - Camera Operator/Technocrane                                                Disney

THE YEAR OF GETTING TO KNOW US - B Camera Operator                   First Look Int’l

SHELTER - C Camera Operator                                                                NALA Films


SLAP HER, SHE’S FRENCH - Additional Camera Operator                           Buena Vista

RUFFIAN - Additional Camera Operator                                                             ESPN

PAINTED HERO - B Camera Operator                                                      Cabin Fever

STASH HOUSE - B Camera Operator                                                 After Dark Films

TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA - Camera Operator (long lens center stage)

JOURNEY IN CONCERT - Camera Operator (long lens center stage)

BILLY JOEL: LIVE IN LENINGRAD - Camera Operator                                           HBO