Brown Cooper - DP, Director/Cameraman


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I have three camera packages and one small lighting kit available for rent . Please see details below.

Package One: Panasonic AJ-HDC27H Varicam High Definition Camera Package
                       The 27H is the latest model of the Varicam
                      Fujinon 18x7.6 HD Zoom with 2x extender
                       Panasonic BT-LH900 9 inch HD Multi Format LCD Monitor
                       AJ-EC3 Extension Control Unit
                       5 - IDX Batteries and charger
                       AC Power Supply for camera and monitor
                       Sachtler Camera Support

Package Two: Arriflex 16SR II - Super 16 gate, Standard 16 also
                        Standard 16/TV ground glass
                        Super 16/HD/TV ground glass
                        Cinematography Electronics Speed Control (5-75fps)
                        Media Logic speed control with decimal places for filming monitors
                        12-120 zeiss zoom lens - PL mount - Optex conversion covers super 16
                        2X extender for the 12-120 zoom
                        Zoom is extremely sharp and matches primes nicely
                        Zeiss primes - 9.5, 12, 16, 25, 50mm - PL mount (covers Super 16)
                        Aspheron wide angle attachment for fish-eye look with the 9.5mm and 12mm
                        Angenieux 5.9mm - covers Standard 16 (slight vignette in Super 16)
                        Color video tap - B&W back up video tap
                        Modulus wireless video transmitter
                        Sony Video 8 Clamshell receiver/recorder (AC or battery powered)
                        9" Sony color monitor (AC or battery powered)
                        O'Connor 1030 fluid head (standard, baby, hi hat, spreader) support
                        Mini Worrall geared head

Package Three: Aaton A-Minima Super 16/Standard 16. The perfect camera for high
                        quality images to be projected or transferred to high definition and
                        standard defintion. This is the best way to shoot high def in my
                        humble opinion. The Super 16 format is already in the correct aspect

                        The A-Minima is a sync sound camera with Aaton time code built in.
                        Its small size makes it a great MOS run and gun camera too. There is
                        also a built in intervalometer for time-lapse shots.

Lighting: ARRI LIGHT KIT (3-650 Fresnels, 1-1k Open Face)
                4 - stands, barn doors, scrims, gel holder
                Medium Chimera Pro Light Bank
                Small Chimera Pro Light Bank
                Speed Rings for 1K and 650 Fresnel
                4 - Heavy Duty Stingers
                Travel case with built-in rollers

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